Lan Ha Bay Tourism 'paradise forgotten' in Vietnam

Many travelers are not inferior merit beautiful Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province, Lan Ha Bay is located south of the bay, surrounded by Cat Ba Island Haiphong, promises to be an attractive destination for tourists.

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island's east, Lan Ha Bay has an area of over 7,000 hectares featuring spectacular beauty of some 400 islands dense, with many interesting shapes. Unlike Bay, all in Lan Ha Bay Islands are verdant, whether just extremely tiny island.


Still not a crowded tourist known but Lan Ha Bay is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. When the autumn weather is also the time most beautiful Lan Ha Bay to the sun light, no burning, mild with cool breeze of the ocean, causing guests to enjoy the refreshing, relaxing while boating admire the bay.

The ideal time to Lan Ha Bay tourism

With a cool climate, fresh so visitors can travel in Lan Ha Bay any time of the year. However, tourists often travel domestically Lan Ha Bay from April to October, while foreign tourists often visit Lan Ha at the time from November to March.

Transportation to Lan Ha Bay

From the center of the island of Cat Ba to Ben Beo you move, buy a ticket to visit the bay and charterer to go where he wants. If you just want to walk around the bay (near shore and not go away), then you can rent a motorboat for the convenience of the people.

Some attractive destination in Lan Ha Bay

Located adjacent to Lan Ha Bay, but still beautiful in her own the completely different compared to Halong, if you want to you can also combine passes from Lan Ha Bay to visit the tourist attractions the Bay Halong.

Hang Luon

Luon cave on the island of Bo Hon, Hon front Cave Turtle, the right is the Gate of Heaven. It escarpment, four-season blue water smooth as a mirror. Hang always attracted tourists not only by the unique shape but also by the natural scenery appealing harmony.

Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island attracts visitors by the wild character, four natural surface, the sea covered forest.


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