Introduction details Cat Ba island

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Legend, The Ba archipelago is where the grandmother, the mother and sisters worry planting, gathering, food preparation seminars help the Warriors expel An invaders. Therefore, the island where the warriors stationed frontier island called The Mr., and the island's hinterland is in the name of the island of Ba.
Introduction details Cat Ba island

Introduction details Cat Ba island

1. The Legend of Cat Ba

Legend, The Ba archipelago is where the grandmother, the mother and sisters worry planting, gathering, food preparation seminars help the Warriors expel An invaders. Therefore, the island where the warriors stationed frontier island called The Mr., and the island's hinterland is in the name of the island of Ba.

A Tale of The She was circulated over the years until today. Once upon a time, long ago, it is not clear to what period, there were two young girls died from nowhere and was washed up on the island of fishermen up into two tombs. During that night, the dignitaries and the people on the island find two goddesses epiphany inspired a dream of his. People voluntarily contribute money and set up shrines of two goddesses right two this sacred tomb, called the Temple of Ba. Once set up shrines, fishermen on the island does not meet the accidents at sea as before, life without the raging epidemic, no pirates, people enjoy life in peace, prosperity. Wish people on the island have said that it is due to the epiphany goddess bless.

Currently, the temple remains in Ang Game The Ba - Cat Ba town, Temple Ba - Hien Hao commune, and over time, she was reading The island of Cat Ba deviate away today. The story itself is spread from one life to the other to become the faith in the spiritual life of the islanders and tourists everywhere when to Cat Ba ...

2. History lands Cat Ba

Cat Ba ancient land is formed from the late Early Palaeozoic materials (how today about 410 million years). The archaeological material was confirmed Cat Ba is one where primitive men lived. Stock Cat Ba who is a tribal member of the Lac Vietnamese, residents of the country Van Lang, Au Lac later. Cat Ba is 77 archaeological sites have been discovered and surveyed the famous sites such as Cai Beo, Marina Bai, Cat Don and many other valuable sites such as each package, Mill Pond, Dong Co., Bat cave, Eo Charms ...

Historically, Cat Hai district each named An Feng, Chi Phong, Hoa Phong, Yao Feng. Date 05/6/1956 Cat Hai district and the town of Cat Ba in Quang Yen was annexed to the city of Hai Phong. Cat Hai district today was founded on March 11, 1977 on a consolidated basis two Cat Ba Cat Hai district and old.
3. geographical, administrative:

Cat Hai district including Cat Ba Island and Cat Hai Island, located in the southeast city of Hai Phong with total area of ​​345 km2.

Cat Hai Island is flat sandy island located between the river mouth and Lach Huyen Nam Trieu, on the island of Cat Hai town and commune 4: Hoang Chau and Nghia Lo, Van Phong, Dong Bai. Cat Ba archipelago consists of 366 islets (Cat Ba is the largest island of the archipelago and the largest of the islands of the Gulf of Tonkin) is a complex of limestone lying south of Ha Long Bay, with towns Cat Ba and 6 communes: Pearl, Xuan Dam, Hien Hao, Phu Long, Gia Luan, Vietnam Customs.

The mountains on Cat Ba Island has an average elevation of about 200 meters over sea level, is the highest peak Cao Vong 331m and the lowest is Ang Shrimp, sea surface is lower than 30m. Cat Ba Island has hundreds of beaches with fine sand, blue waters and peaceful as: Cat Co, Cat Tien, Tung Thu, Van Boi, Cat Dua, Cat Gold ... caves associated with football history building and defending the country painting his father as: Thien Long, Hoa Cuong Trung Trang, Military Medicine, and the beautiful bay as giant mirrors in the moonlight as: Lan Ha, Ben Beo, Cat Ba, Tung Thu ...

Vietnam Fatherland has thousands of islands. It was his father passed away flesh and blood left all grades grandchildren.

Far away, the island where the waves
There are people who do not sleep the night
National guard loves the sea air
He waves around the island ru sacred land,
Blue sky high above his head splendid voice.
Let me send love in the waves
Where to him remote islands - home blue eyes ...
4. Cat Ba Island - The world biosphere reserve, National Scenic special:

Cat Ba Island by UNESCO (UNESCO) recognized as a biosphere reserve by world 02.12.2004 ecological values, humanity and biodiversity Typical school with great potential for sustainable development. Date 12/09/2013, Attractions Cat Ba Island is the Prime Minister recognized as a special national relic.
Zone World Biosphere Reserve Cat Ba Island has a total area of ​​26,241 hectares including 366 large and small islands most of Cat Ba Island, has three functional areas: core zone, buffer zone and transition area. Biosphere Reserve Cat Ba Island has been recognized as "learning laboratories for sustainable development" first in the world on the value of biodiversity, with 3,154 species of animals and plants; of which, there are 60 species of plants and 22 rare animal species, endemic listed in the Vietnam Red Book, has 29 plants and 7 animals in the World Red Book. The endemic, rare, endangered the survival, the animals include: Cat Ba langur, Son Duong, Cat Ba eyelid gecko; about plants: Tue Ha Long, long waiting, Kim Giao, Las States ...

Cat Ba Island is the best model for a high concentration of tropical ecosystems, typical subtropical outperformed other areas of Asia, including island ecosystems largest limestone regions typical Chau Asian, tropical rain forest on the island vast primeval limestone, mangroves, coral, tidal area, salt water pool, sea grass, cave systems, Ang. These ecosystems are spread over diverse terrain and complex, as typical regional center of Cat Ba National Park, Frog Pond, Dong Gong and Lan Ha Bay.

Cat Ba Island is a popular tourist destination tourists are known for natural beauty, fresh air, beaches, green, clean, beautiful and rich native forests, diversity of activities, vegetable; It is both a great retreat that nature has bestowed on man is attractive to tourists who travel enthusiasts to explore, adventure. Here are the tourist route so you can choose, to experience while in Cat Ba:
1. Boat Cruise: This is the line that probably any visitor to Cat Ba also often selected. Cat Ba four seasons are clear, especially in April when the sun and earth, it is the most beautiful moment of Cat Ba Sea. With the sun, the sea wind, sun Cat Ba, is sure to bring guests the exciting and a feeling of relaxation, tranquility.

* Cat Co - Tropical Paradise:

Cat Ba 3 named Cat Co beach, it's Cat Co 1 (Cat Tien), Cat Co 2 (Cat Rock Bang), Cat Co 3 (Cat Co) are leaning against the mountain and overlooking the sea, with the strip sand smooth foothills spread, warm sea water, high salinity and blue to the bottom, where mountains, forests, seas, islands, sun, clouds, mountains, water is blended together like, ever experienced waves are on the sand helps us feel as peace with nature.

Cat Co - As a separate world, quiet inside the hotel evokes the feeling of romance and peace; stroll on golden sands, azure seaside, peaceful waves, you feel like you are flying with blue sky and windy sky, you feel like a tropical paradise.

The interesting thing is that the beaches are covered mountains ball from about 4 pm, customers as bath under an umbrella of nature that does not affect the vision of the sea sightseeing Cat Ba Island.

To Cat Ba on moonlit nights, you do not forget to return to Cat Co in the evening watching the moon over the bay, enjoy the cuisine of the sea, listening to the waves slapping, looking at the sea surface is examined under the moonlight at this has become a giant mirror new gorgeous feel the tranquility of Cat island.

* Lan Ha Bay - Meeting of the fairies.

Legend has it that: On a beautiful day, seven fairies while trips worldly, charming painted marine sight for visiting this place. Captivated with the beauty of this place, busy bathing fairies forget it's time to go back to heaven. Due to the rush, the little mermaid named Lan has to fall a seaside clogs. The clogs that to this day still floating on the waves of Cat Ba island and turned into beautiful pads next to the Cat Co beach today. And green water bay, where she had to be people bathing island named Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island, located on the inland waterways from Cat Ba Island to Halong Bay. Of Bay Area on 7,000 ha, the deepest place about 18m. Charm of Lan Ha Bay is made up of hundreds of islands all seem Hon stone pads, Hon Pen, Turtle Island, Hon Doi, Hon Hai Co, Hon Bu Lau, Hon Tai Drag, well ... there's one thing the Buddha is interesting though is a small rocky islands, but the islands in the bay are evergreen because is surrounded by diverse plant species. Lan Ha Bay has 139 mini sand beaches, calm, no big waves, is the ideal beach for guests to choose their own space.

Stemming from Ben Beo harbor, the cruise will take you through the fishing village on the sea to go to Lan Ha Bay. Fishing village on the sea cage fish farming areas in the North Sea today's largest, with a variety of fish species such as snapper, cobia, grouper, sea bass, ... and many such precious molluscs: Tu comedy, Almost gold ocean, blue mussel, Ban mai ...

The first point, invites you to visit the Pineapple Cat Island (as there are many high-level pandanus roofs) or also known as Monkey Island (because here there are many mischievous monkeys and worth gold love is live). This is one of the ideal beach for the blue sea here, can see clearly each fish swam like a stroll under the beautiful blue water.
Leaving Cat Dua, tourists continue cruises to enjoy the beauty of Lan Ha Bay - Elysium Chốn of Cat Ba Island. Boating on the bay, you will enjoy the quiet beauty of the bay, serene with all shaped limestone, all seems typical in Vietnam.

Also you can choose for your companion on the kayak to enjoy beautiful views of the bay or can participate mystery diving under the sea, watching the beautiful coral reefs with a variety color and the fish await visitors to explore them.

Ancient story tells of fairies came here was ecstatic with the beauty to forget the way is still circulating in Cat Ba residents today:

Vast sea, gentle waves
Muon waves and sand lullaby.
Green Island, blue sea, blue sky immense
Ocean waves lull souls, clinging step fairies

* Vietnam Sea - The region of peace.

Vietnam Customs is located in the northeast of the island of Cat Ba, of the core zone of Cat Ba National Park, with features such as the majestic mountains, painted marine organic situation, there are many fertile farming valleys and streams flowing throughout the year. Biological diversity is the dominant characteristic of Vietnam Customs, the tourism resources and advantages to Vietnamese customs development. Vietnam Hai Commune has advantages in geographical location and natural landscape and environment remain largely pristine.

Vietnamese tourists to Shanghai to go by boat for about 30 minutes on Lan Ha Bay. From the point of landing ships, visitors can walk, bike or tram on the 5km long road through the mountain pass crept in pristine forests.

Go to this place, visitors will be immersed enjoy the peace of a pristine countryside of pure natural beauty with Cave lyrical Golden Fruit (is considered one of the most beautiful populations Lower Long - Cat Ba), Tea Treasure, Bear Tung, Tai Lai ... guests will be visiting primary forest ecosystems with animal and plant diversity, gurgling streams, in harmony with the screech owl such as the music of the jungle.

Coming to Vietnam Customs, travelers are feeling the distinct culture of eating, sleeping in thatched roof typical of rural Vietnam, enjoying the green vegetables, chicken, frog and honey flavor where mountains of the Northeast of the country.

* Cat Mr. - Where does the money:

In many of the islets of Cat Ba Island, Cat Island is known he is a legend has it that in ancient times he followed the An Thanh Giong fight here so-called island of He, later read deviate the Cat Mr. This is a pristine islets, lies Cat Ba tourism port is about 2 km to the south sea.
Visitors to Cat Mr. - where beauty really charming, romantic, peaceful place to bring visitors are experiencing our hearts together nuoc.voi wave beaches on the island of white sand, blue waters through to the bottom, above the blue mountains untouched by the rich vegetation create a beautiful setting as captivating.

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