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Bay Management Board is established in order to promote the closely managed to make farming sustainable development associated with the protection of landscapes and marine ecological environment.
Authority Cat Ba Bay Of Islands
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5/2010 Cat Ba Bay Management Department was established, this is the business agency of Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. Cat Ba Bay Management Department has to promote the role and responsibility to advise the District Management Committee, rearrange the order to anchor the raft aquaculture, management of environmental sanitation and charging bay tours.

Implementing Decision 1572 / QD-Committee of 27/9/2010 Hai Phong City People's Committee approving the detailed planning of aquaculture on the coast of Hai Phong in 2015, oriented to 2020. Based into the implementation Plan of the DPC with the goal of reducing 50% of the fish cages in the Bay box, move the entire raft aquaculture in the Bay Cat Ba to point to new planned resort landscaping.

To 7/2011 will complete the arrangements put in place cages specific planning, management Cat Ba Bay dd • industries associated with functions such as Frontier Station 54, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Chamber of Agriculture and Rural development, the Cat Ba National Park ... the decision to implement the contents of the City and Planning, Notification to the people of the District and the fish cages and all propaganda and mobilization employed households aquaculture strictly observe guidelines and policies of the District and the City. Cat Ba Bay Management Department and Frontier Station 54 e • 3 sessions held direct dialogue with friends and mobilize all 100% owners signed cages committed relocated to new locations planned. Cat Ba Bay Management Department together with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Room ARD survey and statistics of friends, friends aquaculture rigs, surveying, cartography and mapping mooring locations for aquaculture friend at dd • 10 is planned as Lan Ha Bay, Ben Beo Bay, Bu Brown, Clumsy Trau, Van Boi, Van Ta, Tea treasures, Tai Drag, Ang Page, Hon ... Thoi Tangerine.

 Besides, Bay Management Department also managed to promote the environmental sanitation in the Gulf and mobilize x • Assembly of sanitation and mobilize people not building extensions, building cages.

With the drastic direction of the DPC, the participation of the sector to effectively function and especially Cat Ba Bay Management Department. In just a short time, the management, arrangement cages e • tight deployed.

Through 12/2010 e • 46 friends cage with 912 cells are rearranged, 8 friends e • relocated from Cat Ba Bay on new shelters. Especially Bay Management Department and Frontier Station advocacy 54 e • 2 self-dismantling all 11 friends box cages and two friends pulled him from the area Dau - Quang Ninh.

Also in recent years, Cat Ba Bay Management Department, in conjunction with e • 54 Frontier Station, Cat Ba National Park, patrolling and control in order to prevent acts of transporting sand, bamboo, wood, material lift to use floating raft building and raft building extensions, platforms and aquaculture friend otter feeding. Through check e • detect and make a record of violations of 7 ships transporting and pumping sand to Lan Ha Bay sold to farmers from the two; 01 tankers from Quang Ninh bamboo in Lan Ha; 01 new suspension close friend and recommended treatment DPC 13 friends all arbitrarily relocated.

Along with the management restructuring of aquaculture zones, Cat Ba Bay Management Department and other relevant agencies to strengthen propaganda and mobilization of all the work cages x • Social hygiene goods on the Gulf environment, and labor arrangements, means of implementation of garbage collection in the ships, boats and floating trash drifted held according to the schedule on the Bay 1 times / day.

After nearly six months of implementation x • Assembly of sanitation, people's awareness is raised significantly. The owners equip friend e • garbage containers on the boat, his friends refuse collection team returned home to the rules prescribed for disposal. The majority of these households also e • a voluntary contribution to the monthly budget garbage collection to maintain regular operations.

Just in a short time in operation but Cat Ba Bay Management Department e • good at management, charging bay tours. E • 12/2010 to over 900 million revenues helped increase revenues to the budget of the district.
2011 is the 2nd year of implementation of Decision 1572 / QD-People's Committee of Hai Phong City People's Committee and Plan of DPC on detailed planning aquaculture development. The first year of implementation of Resolution Party Congress of Cat Hai district with the goal of bringing the fisheries sector sustainable development.

On the threshold of the new year, despite many difficulties as no office buildings, the toll station has not been built thanks also to the location, the working conditions of the officers and employees of Bay Management Department are not sure security, professional qualifications did not meet job requirements, material and technical means serving professionals is limited, but the staff and employees of Cat Ba Bay management Board has determined effort to perform the tasks assigned to make sure the time and tempo.

In the cold sweetness of the days of Tet, we had the opportunity to accompany the officials and employees of Cat Ba Bay Management Board in their work one day see all the difficulties and complexity of the work is new present. So far the cage all familiar with the e • stocking free, parking free parking, building extensions and litter free reporter out Bay, tourists accustomed e • Bay visits without losing money. Now go into the framework of the management is difficult. The officials and employees of Bay Management Department has to perform professional duties in accordance with state regulations means on the basis of law, working moderate agitation for people to understand and accept hanh.Giap Tet Tan M • o, e • active people prepared fun preparing traditional New Year, the nation's officials and public employees Bay management department must still busy work schedule to complete the proposed DPC . According to the guidelines of Cat Hai district People's Committees to 15/2/2011 move 100% of the remaining raft aquaculture in Cat Ba Bay location on planning, while Cat Ba Bay is still floating less than 100 displaced . To 7/2011 to complete the reorganization cages at the planned location of the city. And particularly this Lunar New Year Cat Ba Bay Management Department to deploy forces to clean the environment in the new year and, with Armed Forces strict management of order and security in the Gulf in the previous occasion, during and after Tet. Forecasts Festival will have many foreign visitors tour the Cat Ba tourism and enjoy Tet in Dao.Moi after 7 months of operation, the task is new, difficult, but challenging mix of drastic direction city ​​and District, is on the enthusiasm of the industry committee, forces - especially the efforts of 30 officers and employees of Cat Ba Bay management department, the operation of the unit put into e • sticky, initially obtained remarkable results le.De meet requirements of the new situation in the district, next to Cat Ba Bay management Department e • estimated walking with their activities. Officials and employees of Cat Ba Bay Management Board is determined to preserve and protect the island of Cat Ba Island green - clean - beautiful, leaving a good impression in the heart of the local people and visitors from near and far.

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