The process of recognition of the world's natural heritage

Attending the meeting were Ambassador of Vietnam in Belgium Pham Sanh Chau, director of conservation projects Rick Passaro Cat Ba langurs and representatives of relevant agencies of the city and Cat Hai district.

The process of recognition of the world's natural heritage

At the meeting, the Secretary of the City Party Committee Nguyen Van Thanh confirmed, the construction of Cat Ba became the world's natural heritage have an impact on the lives of people, but the harmonious development associated life for nature conservation under the strict control of all levels, the industry will bring great advantages. For example, people do not impact on the natural development that accompany such as honey farming, development of ecological agriculture, medicinal plants ... Comrade confirmed, Hai Phong city has done its best for the Cat Ba proposed for recognition as a world natural heritage, emphasizing the responsibility of the cities and communities as Cat Ba is recognized as a world natural heritage, especially in sustainable development.
Comrade Party Secretary Nguyen Van Thanh would like to thank the comments of UNESCO Vietnam, the ambassador, Conservation Project Cat Ba langurs and related industries. Comrade eager to get more help in the development of Cat Ba in particular and Hai Phong city in general.

UNESCO Chief Representative in Vietnam, Katherine Muller emphasized, Cat Ba proposed profile to become the world's natural heritage is also the basis, to contribute more to Haiphong measures implemented many development programs and the only maintenance activities in Cat Ba such as world Geoparks Geopark, biosphere reserves. Profile nationally approved and currently sent to Paris for the UNESCO Secretariat is considering. According to Katherine, the core point in the record must show the highlights of Cat Ba worldwide, compared to other areas to find differences. Need rigorous testing management plan and launched later recognized factors as how to sustain it into the future and control between humans violate nature. Katherine also appreciate records with serious preparation and project facilitation from the Cat Ba Langur Conservation.

As director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the city Doan Duy Linh, records suggest recognized Cat Ba became the world's natural heritage includes 388 limestone islands including from Cat Ba to Long Chau. The proposal is based on two criteria 9 and 10 of the UNESCO. In which the typical criteria for ecosystems, tropical rain forests, mangroves, coral ... all converge in Cat Ba and outstanding conservation values ​​globally. A further advantage in Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project is Cat Ba is operating very efficiently. Conservation project director Rick Cat Ba langurs Passaro said the region has been strict conservation langurs, ensure development and growth. The project is conducted individual langurs relocated to ensure the fertility, increasing the area of ​​genetic resources relocated to other areas and this work with the help of two veterinarians from Australia
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