The outstanding value

History Cat Ba - The natural environment of Cat Hai was the cradle of the ancient words. The archaeologists have conducted excavations 17 places on Cat Ba Island.

The outstanding value

Results showed that 15 points have traces of ancient people as charms hang Eo Hien Hao commune, Tung Ba of the National Park, Bo Stone, Pearl drilled Mui Commune, Ang Between Vietnam Hai commune. Especially sites Cai Beo is a French archaeologist discovered in 1938 and excavated several times through the analysis of carbon dioxide, said the ancient Vietnamese have been here more than 6,000 years from today. In the upper soil layer Cai Beo archaeological relics also has a floor containing the relics typical of Ha Long culture. In this land there are fewer layers of animal bones. These artifacts here bring enough kind of Halong culture and there are unique characteristics of the platform shows people living here deals on late-stage, high growth phase of cultures present. Between the upper and lower floors of sites Cai Beo is a thin layer of leveling does not contain relics or bones of animals. This proves that the former has a rising sea flooded the lower layer to leave a trace of water separating the two cultures early and late. Di Cai Beo has great historical value have confirmed the ancient Vietnamese residents in this area since ancient times.
Cat Hai district has so many legends, myths are interwoven with wisdom, feelings of the people on the island for many generations.

It is said that long ago, this rocky island served as her rear of planting, gathering, providing food for him in front against wars, when they to invade the island. Also from this battle appeared so many brave female minister of the ancients named this island is this island called The She then deflected through the Cat Ba island. Also from this tradition that name ever since women on the island are to promote the role of the building, protecting the island. Phu Long sandy names, Top Elephant Mountain, River Phoenix ... every landmark is a fascinating area. Island people can not help but be proud of its tradition. In the land of the village of Lo today means exist a church temple woman who gave birth to brave boy Hung Son village. Hung Son is the one who has participated fight Friday An Hung kings. The legend of the brave men of the sons Hung Son village as a musical hero strokes, echoes the spirit of patriotism of a people on this land

Due to the topographical features rugged mountains, rich natural resources, from ancient times the military has drawn a conclusion:

"Win soles of Cat Ba Ba micro realm of themselves"

Cat Ba Island was once the grounds of which the uprising. 1750 peasant leader Nguyen Huu Cau (ie relations) crotch against feudalism Koxinga took Cat Ba island as a base. When Nguyen court undercut the country for France, the people on the island were no less resentful resentment of the people throughout the country. 1893 when French troops landed on the island of Cat Ba, fishermen on the island staged battle fought back fiercely. The opening is the revolt of the village boys who Hoang Thong Qi Pearl has raised the flag of rebellion against the action of the water sold Nguyen (in 1873-1874). Cat Ba soil, where insurgents travel to the feudal mandarins they were routed there, do less strong. As the uprising spread to Quang Yen - Hai Duong came down into the Pacific, Nguyen court has to concentrate forces deal. On the sea, sister Hoang Thong Hoang Lan Qi she Vu is also the first to mobilize an army on the coast with his army in Thai Binh Hoang Thong Qi. Standing in front of the power of the imperial army, the revolt of the brothers Hoang Thong Hoang Lan Qi and Vu was extinguished. This uprising has confirmed patriotism, courage of the people on the island in general and women in particular Cat Hai. In the years 1889 - 1893 the movement against the French invasion of North America raised the people's strong. French colonialists and feudal dynasty crackdown on the movement. Tien Duc, a military leader of South Coast has meant withdrawal of Cat Ba Island to build and consolidate forces, mountainous region of Cat Ba became one of the major bases of the insurgents. German money was based on terrain Central page, wooden roof, built Treasure Tea plantations, central station, Weather station. Both bases were published as a battleground room solidly entrenched blind ditches with stone trap. The islanders actively involved in the movement of insurgents. Tien Duc chose some locals in his army to communicate important task.

Cat Hai district, as well as how the countryside in our country, in the history of building and defending the country, each page filled it with blood, sweat and tears. From the dawn of water, Cat Hai has made the front page beautiful, ancient Vietnamese people have lived on this land. Di Cai Beo is a testament to the pride of every citizen on the island. Humans Cat Hai from generation to generation serial consolidated tradition always diligent in working and brave in battle, firmly places the wind and waves. By diligent in work, people have not stopped automakers island of natural beauty for an enjoyable day.
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